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Queen Nail Spa is Nail Salon located in Roswell, GA. We offer a multitude of services including: manicure, dipped nails, shellac nails, ombre nails, pedicure, lash extension, eyebrow waxing, and more. Here at Queen Nail Spa, our goal is to provide a relaxing atmosphere for our clients. We will make your hands incredibly beautiful with our highly skilled technicians. What makes us different from other Nails spas is we care about your satisfaction at our spa by providing you the best customer service and make sure you’re satisfied 110%. Take time out of your busy day and come get pampered. Walk-ins Welcome.

About Queen Nails Roswell

Nail Spa: A nail spa, also known as a nail salon or nail bar, is a place where you can receive various nail treatments and services. These establishments are dedicated to providing nail care, beautification, and relaxation services.

Manicure: A manicure is a beauty treatment for the hands and nails. It typically involves trimming, shaping, and filing the nails, pushing and cutting the cuticles, moisturizing the hands, and applying nail polish if desired. Some manicures also include hand massages or treatments like paraffin wax.

Pedicure: A pedicure is a similar beauty treatment, but it focuses on the feet and toenails. It involves soaking the feet in warm water, exfoliating the skin, trimming and shaping the toenails, pushing and cutting the cuticles, removing calluses or dead skin, moisturizing the feet, and optionally applying nail polish.

Nail Polish: Nail polish is a cosmetic product applied to the nails to enhance their appearance. It comes in various colors, finishes (such as matte or glossy), and formulas (regular polish, gel polish, etc.). Nail polish can be used during manicures and pedicures to add color and style to the nails. Ryanair letenky


Established in 2020.

Our Nails & Spa is just started, however, we had experience of decades in the nails industry. And we are confident to provide the best service in the area

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Here’s a quick look at the beauty transformations that we have worked on. Whether it is a temporary makeup or a complete makeover, you can trust us.

Meet the Business Owner

Queen Nail  Salon is operated by Amber and her partner Anna.  They both have more than 20 years of experience in the business and over 7 years as a Salon Manager. They both have solid educational foundation from Georgia State University and have a passion for customer service. Their goals are to foster outstanding interpersonal skills and being proficient in the latest nail trends while keeping the salon in pristine condition and following intense sanitation protocols and social distancing.

Queen Nails Roswell

Nail Extensions: Nail extensions are artificial enhancements applied to the natural nails to add length or to create a desired shape. There are different types of nail extensions, such as acrylic nails, gel nails, or dip powder nails. Nail extensions can be customized with various colors, designs, or embellishments.

Nail Art: Nail art refers to the creative decoration or design applied to the nails. It can include intricate patterns, images, or embellishments using nail polish, stickers, gems, glitter, or other materials. Nail spas often offer nail art services for those who want to express their style and creativity.

For our Signature Spa Services, Tustin Organic Nails & Spauses Qtica Smart Spa line, smart ingredients, smart products, smart salons. The triple action fresh soaks are 3 products in one: a skin moisturizer (water conditioner), disinfectant and aromatherap

Our Clients Speak!

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If you're looking for a consistently excellent nail salon in the Roswell/Alpharetta area, you've found it. I've been going to Queen Nail Spa for a few months now and it's my favorite and now I won't go anywhere else. 💅
Sarah Wooten
New to the area and so happy I found Queen Nail Spa. Everyone is so nice and professional. Many choices of dip colors in a super clean facility. I highly recommend checking this place out. you won't be disappointed.
Sherri Tobin
this is my favorite nail salon. The entire staff is amazing! I take my next door neighbor as he no longer drives. She has been a client for many years and wouldn't go anywhere else.
Donna Rotruck

Queen Nail Spa is Nail Salon located in Roswell, GA. We offer a multitude of services including: manicure, dipped nails, shellac nails, ombre nails, pedicure, lash extension, eyebrow waxing, and more.

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